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Kathy's Story

We received a call from Kathy, an 85 year old senior who was facing the difficult time of moving out of her home to live in a smaller apartment. Understandably, she was feeling overwhelmed and stressed. This move meant packing up many of her possessions which she would need to move to a local storage unit, since she couldn’t take them with her. She could manage the packing, but due to her financial situation, Kathy had limited options to help move these boxes to a storage facility. She had called around town for help and had also reached out to a few social service agencies without any success…until she reached us! We called #HOPECHAPELREDONDOBEACH, one of our network churches, and Pastor Roberto Corea came to the rescue. He was happy to gather up a few able bodied volunteers from his HCRB to help Kathy. She breathed a sign of relief when called and told her they would be on their way.

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