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Mental Health Struggles

Mental health struggles are a real burden, but they are not a burden anyone should carry alone. That, however, is just what Mayra was doing when she called us. Recently, her son Emil, had been put in prison because he had been involved in a serious street fight. That alone was a lot for her to deal with. Then the pandemic stuck and lockups cut visits over Covid-19 fears. “I'm worried about my son”, Mayra cried during her phone conversation with Cecilia, our Clearinghouse Director. Cecilia continued to listen as Mayra shared that she has suffered with depression over the years, and now because of the situation her son is in, she has sunken deeper into a sadness that just won’t go away.

Using the Love INC SB network of social service agencies, Cecilia began making phone calls to see what free clinics in the area could help Mayra’s with her emotional and metal state. Making a call to Harbor Community Clinic in San Pedro, Cecilia was able to help Mayra make an appointment with one of their behavioral health specialists to get the help she needs.

Love INC SB’s goal is not just providing for physical needs such as food and shelter, but to also help and serve to connect people with the right resources or combination or resources for their unique situation and circumstances. By doing this, not only are physical needs met, but emotional and spiritual needs as well. Love INC SB actually provides hundreds of different types of services.

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