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Helping Churches

Help People

The church doorstep is a frequent destination for people in desperate need. But most churches cannot fully meet the needs of every homeless family, single mom or hungry child who asks for help.

“...let us love not only in words or in talk, but let us put our love into action and make it real.”

– 1 John 3:18


Love In the Name of Christ South Bay (Love INC SB) connects people in need with community agencies, church ministries and caring Christians so that those
in need are not turned away.


By connecting people with the right resources or combination of resources for their unique situation and circumstance, Love INC actually provides hundreds of different types of services. And because our goal is transformed lives, Love INC's focus is not only providing needed services but also building relationships. Not only are physical needs met, but emotional and spiritual needs are also met. People receive God's love through the caring Christians who serve in His name.

How Love INC SB Works
How LINC works
Works 1

Call Center

People who need food, clothing, shelter, utility assistance, counseling or help of any kind, call or are referred to us by churches, community agencies, neighbors, friends, or anyone who knows about our ministry.

Validate and Provide

We screen, verify and validate the need, which may also reveal underlying causes.

Needs are then matched with resources from our church network. They are equipped to provide for a variety of physical, social and spiritual needs. This partnership provides their members opportunities to serve outside their church walls.


Caring Relationships

We follow through with each family or individual to insure that their needs have been met. 

We work with the local church ministry, volunteer or community agency to provide the family or individual an ongoing relationship and any additional support they may need.

Love In the Name of Christ South Bay relieves hardships of local families, regardless of faith, in a multitude of physical ways. What makes us different from secular social service organizations is our hope that God’s love and care will be revealed by every church or volunteer involved with a hurting family or individual.



Love INC can help...

Our Ministries
  • Shopping for the homebound

  • Emergency food delivery

  • Auto and appliance repair

  • Tutoring children and adults

  • Housing for unwed mothers

  • Carpentry, plumbing  and household repairs

  • Yard work for the disabled
    or elderly

  • Relief care

  • Painting and electrical

  • Budget counseling

  • Transportation

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Translation

  • Transporting furniture locally

  • Christian counseling

  • Senior services

Our Programs
  • Job Quest

  • Utility and Rental Assistance

  • Parenting Classes

  • Back-To-School Drive

  • Feed my People

  • Kidz Kloset

  • Dress for Success

  • Holiday Adopt-A-Family

  • Holiday Toy Drive

  • Adult Care Bags

  • Children's Care Bags 

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