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Blessings Spilled Over

In August Rolling Hills Covenant Church (RHCC), one of our network churches, had a Food Drive. There was an outpouring of generosity from the members of their congregation that they were able to put together 385 bags of food for families in need! Then, even after hours of sorting, they had so many extra food item leftover, they filled EVEN MORE bags with these extra food items. And better yet, they shared their blessings with us!

We are very thankful for our partnership with RHCC. From the success of THEIR food drive, we in turn, were able to help many needy families who have called Love INC SB for help. To get the food distributed, we called our network partners from The San Pedro Housing Authority, El Rey de Paz Church and The Pregnancy Center. They came to the Clearinghouse, filled their cars and delivered the food bags to the families in need in our community.

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