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Desperate Mom Calls in Need of Diapers and Wipes

We’re still here helping during the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home orders, and Maria was very happy when she called to hear the voice of Cecilia, our Clearinghouse Director, at the other end of the line. Maria is one of numerous desperate mothers who have called Love INC SB in need of diapers and wipes. This is a need we typically get calls for, but in this time of crisis, these calls for help have tripled.

Maria has has two small children, both under 4 years old. Her husband is working, however, it’s only part time due to the COVID-19 crisis. Any income they do have is used to pay bills and rent. Little is left for essentials like diapers and food. Typically, after we validate a need, Love INC will have a volunteer deliver the diapers and wipes, or have the mother pick them up at one of our network churches. During the COVID-19 crisis, we want to protect our volunteers from the coronavirus risk, so Cecilia, delivered these diapers personally to Maria. Of course she kept to the 6 ft distancing when dropping them off and snapping this photo of a very grateful mother :-)

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