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Network Partners Help Us Answer Prayers

Natalie is a single mother of two teenage girls. She was living in a bare bones apartment with little furniture and certainly no extras. She was in need of the basics: a bed, a sofa and a small microwave oven she could use to fix their simple dinners. Her church recommended that she call Love INC for help. After we did an intake to verify her needs, we started making calls to find her assistance.

Our first stop was contacting our Network Partner, Heavenly Treasures Thrift Store, which is more than just a thrift store. They’re an outreach ministry of King’s Way Community Church in Lomita, established in 2005 through a great show of support from their neighborhood to acquire the license needed for their business.

In God’s perfect timing He has answered many a need for our clients through Heavenly Treasures. So we were not surprised to learn from them that they did indeed have just the items that Natalie needed. While Natalie was picking them up one of the HT volunteers noticed what she was wearing and asked her if she needed any clothes. “Yes!”, Natalie responded and Heavenly Treasures let her shop to her heart’s content picking out newer clothes for herself and her two teenage girls.

Thank you Heavenly Treasures for your partnership in helping us be the answer to someone else’s prayers.

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